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5 Reasons Reviews Are Vital For Your Auto Shop

If you own an automotive repair business, then you should be aware of the importance of positive reviews. Customers who are looking for a reputable auto shop will do their research online before they commit to spending money on the job. When people find your website with many good reviews, it will make them feel more comfortable and confident in choosing your company over someone else’s. This blog post will give you 5 reasons why having a lot of positive reviews are crucial to growing your car count!

1. Reviews Help Your Shop Bring In More Referrals & Repeat Customers.

Vehicle owners are always looking for a new place to take their car, and they rely on reviews as part of the decision-making process. A positive review can be an excellent way to generate more referrals from customers who've never heard of your shop before. In fact, we know that 89% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations!

2. Reviews Help Bring In New Clients To Your Auto Shop.

Reviews are the new word of mouth for your business. 97% of people read reviews of local businesses. The impact of online reviews on sales – online reviews influence 67.7% of the purchase decision. What better way to bring in new clients than by word of mouth and positive reviews? Auto repair shop owners know that the best way to grow their business is by attracting customers who are happy with their service. That's why they're looking for more ways to build up their online reputation, including how people review them on sites like Google, Yelp & Facebook.

3. Reviews Help Prove Your Auto Shop's Quality

Reputation management is a continuous improvement process. Reputable auto repair shops take into account the most recent reviews in order to ensure every customer has an outstanding experience with their vehicle maintenance, from repairs all of the way down to service they’re given during those repairs. All staff members must have been made aware why it’s important for this reputation management system never stops; otherwise you risk damaging your business and losing customers altogether!

4. Reviews Help Your Auto Shop Get Found Online

The auto shop industry has relied on word-of-mouth for decades. With online reviews becoming increasingly popular, small shops might want to take advantage of these opportunities by focusing their marketing and SEO efforts there too! Auto shops don’t always think about marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). However with individuals turning to online reviews in order help form consumer decisions these days, this will need change soon enough! Asking your customers leave an Auto Shop Review today is as equal as asking them provide a referral when Word Of Mouth Marketing was the way to go years ago.

With so many people looking for “auto repair near me” and with online reviews being more accessible to everyone these days, you need your local SEO ranking in place if you want customers to find your business as they search on their cell phones or desktop computers. That's where boosting up your LOCAL SEO ranking does wonders because this way clients living around your area will find you. People in San Francisco California won't be reading car reviews from Los Angeles California, so you need to boost your ranking locally with customers leaving reviews

5. Dominate The Competition

Keep ahead of your competition with good, quality auto repair reviews! As more and more auto repair shops popping up in metropolitan areas, it's getting harder for smaller shops to keep their customers loyal. However, the better you take care of them — whether that means fixing a problem quickly or giving great customer service -—the happier they'll be to leave positive feedback about your shop on Yelp, Facebook or Google. With a high quality rating online, your auto shop will be set apart from the competition as one of the top-rated businesses in the area. Remember: every review counts; make sure yours is one worth reading.

Let Us Help Your Shop Dominate Through Reviews

Optimize Your Biz is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in web design & marketing for automotive shops, tire shops, collision centers and more. One of the things we do to improve your customer experience involves sending automated surveys and asking reviews via text message or email. This allows us to get real feedback from customers who can offer you valuable insights while boosting your local online visibility to bring in more customers.

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